Donate to the River School of Worship​


The River School of Worship has the standpoint that a quality spiritual education that trains an individual for service to the Lord Jesus Christ, should not leave that individual with an oppressive financial debt. Many students are scholarshiped to attend. You can support the vision and continued efforts of the River Bible Institute with your generous gift.

Sponsor a Student​


Students come to the River School of Worship from many different places across the United States and around the world. International students often are not able to work a job in the U.S. You can give towards students general fees, books, and other school expenses. (International or U.S. students).


If you are interested in sponsoring a student, call the RSW office today at 813-899-0085.


To make a donation by mail send your check, money order, or credit card information to:


Revival Ministries International

Attn: River School of Worship
  PO Box 292888
  Tampa, FL 33687
  United States


Thank you for your generosity!