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The River School of Worship is a unique training institution where excellence in musical gifting is developed alongside flowing in the anointing of God. Students study a broad range of subjects including Music Theory, Vocal Mechanics, Band Lab, Worship Leading, The Effective Team and Songwriting. Sessions are often highly practical with plenty of opportunity for hands on learning. Students are trained in leadership and there is plenty of opportunity to put theory into practice. All are encouraged to be part of the busy worship department at Revival Ministries International, playing for chapel services, children's church, youth and/or our mid week and Main Event Sunday services, which are broadcasted live. In addition, students may have opportunity to work on the road with the ministry, gaining invaluable experience.





It has been our dream for many years to provide a place where men and women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences could gather together to study and experience the glory of God. As you will discover, River School of Worship is not a traditional music school. It is a training center birthed specifically for those whose strongest desire is to worship in Spirit and in Truth, and where the Word of God and the Holy Spirit come together to produce life, birth ministries and launch them out.


The Word will challenge those of you attending to find clarity in your calling, and be changed by the awesome presence of God. The River School of Worship will deepen your relationship and experience in the Lord, and provide you with new perspective on how to reach others with God's life-changing power. You can be saturated in the Word and the Spirit of God at River School of Worship. It is the place where you will be empowered to reach your high calling and set your world on fire with revival.


Come and join us this August!


Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne
Th.D., D.Min., D.D.



Dr. Adonica Howard-Browne
D.Min., M.A., B.A.



Every great move of God throughout history has been characterized by a unique sound - new music comes forth - fresh songs by the Holy Spirit..songs that tell of what God is doing and what He is saying, songs that declare His greatness, songs that touch a generation.  Those who write these songs hook up with Heaven and receive from from the Holy Spirit divine words and music that propel the move of God further and deeper...that impacts nations!  

Here at the River School of Worship we are raising up men and women who can hear the sound of Heaven and we train them to be the psalmists, worship leaders and musicians that can usher people into the presence of God.

A combination of the natural talent that God has gifted them with, a fresh anointing, and a keen understanding of the workings of music make this new breed of musicians and singers the ones who bring the new sounds from Heaven to this earth - this is what RSW is all about!


Pastor Mark Cabrera

Dean of The River School of Worship

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It's an amazing privilege to teach in the River School of Worship. Watching students grow in their understanding and develop their gifting is truly rewarding. I would encourage anyone with a singing and playing gift who really wants to grow as a leader and learn how to flow with the Holy Ghost to invest in themselves and see what God can do in just one year. RSW will give you great practical training and unparalleled opportunities for practical experience. Come and experience the wisdom of the Holy Ghost and the Fire of God....It will change your worship ministry forever.


Pastor Chris Williams

Head Instructor, River School of Worship

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